Tourism in Angola

Angola is now open for tourism and here are some highlights that await a traveller to the country.

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Tourism in Angola

Angola is a country of rich history, vibrant contrasts, and varied cultures. It also boasts a number of distinct climatic regions, including wet, tropical northern jungle, a dryer and cooler central plateau, and an arid southern region influenced by its proximity to the Kalahari Desert. Such a diverse land offers several different travel experiences.

Many parts of Angola remain remote and undiscovered, with few observers privy to the geographic highlights and vast cultural riches that lie hidden. But, with the recent cessation of a 40-year civil conflict ushering in a prolonged period of peace and stability, opportunities for exploration are quietly opening up. For outsiders the attractions are manifold. Despite widespread poverty and an infrastructure devastated by decades of indiscriminate fighting, Angola holds a lure that few other countries can match. Here in the heady heat of equatorial Africa you’ll encounter some of the continent’s most gracious people and discover many of its most closely guarded secrets.

Chill out on expansive beaches, sample the solitude in virgin wildlife parks or sift through the ruins of Portuguese colonialism. From Luanda to Lubango the nuances are startling. Despite advancements in infrastructure and a dramatically improved security situation, travel in Angola remains the preserve of adventurers, diehards or those on flexible budgets. But with the transport network gradually recovering and wildlife being shipped in to re-populate decimated national parks, the signs of recovery are more than just a mirage. Read on for just some of the highlights attracting tourists to Angola.